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Ben Bitdiddle

May 9th, 2020

This page is built with Devii! Check out the source code for this under /md/blog/

Devii is a starter kit for building a personal website with the best tools 2020 has to offer.

  • Markdown-based: Just add a Markdown file to /md/blog to add a new post to your blog!
  • TypeScript + React: aside from the parts that are rendered Markdown, everything else is fully built with TypeScript and functional React components. Implementing any sort of interactive widget is often hard using existing Markdown-centric static-site generators, but Devii makes it easy to mix Markdown and React on the same page.
  • Frontmatter support: Every post can include a frontmatter block containing metadata: title, subtitle, datePublished (timestamp), author, authorPhoto, and bannerPhoto.
  • Medium-inspired styles: The Markdown renderer (Markdown.tsx) contains default styles inspired by Medium.
  • Static generation: you can generate a fully static version of your site using yarn build && yarn export. Powered by Next.js.
  • GitHub-style code blocks: with syntax highlighting powered by react-syntax-highlighter. Works out-of-the-box for all programming languages. Just use Markdown's triple backtick syntax with a "language identifier", just like GitHub.

    // pretty neat huh?
    const test: (arg: string) => boolean = (arg) => {
      return arg.length > 5;
  • Utterly customizable: We provide a minimal interface to get you started, but you can customize every aspect of the rendering and styling by just modifying index.tsx (the home page), BlogPost.tsx (the blog post template), and Markdown.tsx (the Markdown renderer). And of course you can add entirely new pages as well!

Head to the GitHub repo to get started: If you like this project, leave a ⭐️star⭐️ to help more people find Devii 😎

I hope you have found this article informative and engaging. If you're interested in more web development insights and updates, follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn. Let's stay connected!